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Posted by SpIkE on 10/01/06 12:00am.

So anyone who has read a couple of my previous posts, or has spent much time with me knows how I feel about people who buy stuff because it's trendy. There are a couple of good examples of the products I'm talking about...

- Motorola Razr
- Apple iPod
- Starbucks coffee
- Apple Mac/MacBook

If you own more than 1 of these "fine" products, I ask you why? Is it because they are the best product you can buy, and are they the best overall value? There are butt loads of better phones than the Razr, Creative makes a far superior MP3 player than the iPod, Starbucks is over priced and seriously not THAT good. And if you think that Macs are better than PCs, I really hate you. You know absolutly nothing about computers and you are basing your opinion solely off Apple's misleading ads. I have a desktop PC, and a laptop that together cost less than a damn MacBook and guess what, they have equally good hardware and I have NEVER gotten a virus.

If you are reading this thinking I am wrong, I'm gonna tell you a little something about yourself...YOU ARE A HUGE CORPERATE TOOL. And money grubbing corperations have brain washed you. Anyone who is up in arms about these products is a complete idiot and should seriously consider killing themselves.

No, I'm serious.

Honestly, I'm losing steam to finish writing this crap. It's just something that pisses me off, and these products are pushed so hard by companies, and people eat it up. But they don't just eat it up, these assholes think they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO great because of it. Well, you elitist bastards, keep pissing away your money and go pop you f*cking collar somewhere else.

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FreakBurrito @ 10/01/06
"Razr Is a very good inexpensive phone right now. it's also skinny as hell which makes it great. saying that Creative makes a superior mp3 player, has no factualbasis, it's just your opinion. iPods have a very intuitive user interface, as well great third party accessory support. Just because YOU don't like Starbucks doesn't mean that others don't. Macs? I'm indifferent."

SpIkE @ 10/01/06
"Ha...i think brian missed the point. Bottom line was money."

FredFredrickson @ 10/01/06
"Razr's still the most expensive one on the phone counter at walmart. Creative's mp3 players are superior because it has more file-type compatibility, larger space for less money. User-interface is subjective. Starbucks is more expensive and trendy, but it's ok if you go because of the fair-trade thang. and macs are more expensive than pcs, and the only reasons I've heard mac users like macs are the same bs that apple spews, so i agree with andy there"

FreakBurrito @ 10/02/06
"Ahhhhh Just cuze we gots its and youze don't :P "

SpIkE @ 10/02/06

selle @ 10/08/06
"starbucks actually has cheaper coffee in china then most coffee shops, granted coffee is worth its weight in gold in china for some reason. forty freaken yuen for a lousy latte....christ"

FreakBurrito @ 08/17/07
"Mmmmmm I love having a Degree, and the Job, and the Money that entails. (Posted from my new Macbook Pro)"

FredFredrickson @ 08/18/07
"What? your use of a macbook pro is not making you successful you addict."

TheGreatGaspe @ 04/06/08
"i have noticed that most trendy pricks are insecure about themselvs because they have no real friends at all,just people that hang around with them because they flaunt that they can afford this shit."

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