Drink until you puke.
Poop on a stick
Posted by SpIkE on 09/07/04 12:00am.

The other night I was on AIM and I noticed a trend as I went through and looked at some of my friend's away messages. They all had something involving alcohol. Some examples are as follows..."Drinking with the brosephs." "Drinking with my brother." and "I'm drunk right now." among others. All these kids are my age or younger, and drink almost every night. They are damn proud of it, too. Personally I think they are complete idiots. Drinking is fine occasionally and in moderation, but these kids are clearly alcoholics.

Now I am not going to give away any names here, but a couple of those people mentioned above got into some deep crap as a result of this vice, and were arrested three consecutive weeks in a row this summer. Now to me, this is unacceptable. When your bad habit gets you arrested, it is time to stop. But did they, no, they still go out drinking almost ever night and do stupid shit under the influence. But that isn't the point of this column. I'm not here to preach and convince everyone alcoholism is bad, cause anyone with a cluster of brain cells can figure that out. The thing I am pissed off about is that these kids get away with it in the end.

Bob the Builder: "But SpIkE, they got arrested didn't they, how did they get away with it?"

From what these kids have told me, when they had to go to court, in each and every one of the cases, they were offered a deal to clean up their record, a way to make the charges disappear. Yeah, they got them off the hook. What is wrong with out justice system? Underage drinking is freaking illegal for a reason; people under age can't handle drinking as well as they might if they were older. So with a little community service, good behavior for like 6 months or some crap, these idiots now have a squeaky clean record just like me. Wait, that doesn't seem right...

So, let's look at this for a second. If I (with my perfect criminal record) go to apply to a job or something and so does a kid who has been arrested three times for alcohol abuse, he could potentially get the job and not me. That doesn't make any sense. I have a good record, and theoretically, that would make me the better choice for the job. But these boozers have gotten their records wiped clear by the generosity of the courts and they are now on the same level as I am. WHY? It is total crap. I am the one who is responsible and uses my head when having fun.

It just pisses me off that kids who deliberately break the law and get themselves in trouble can get a clean criminal record, when I have done nothing wrong and have the same record as they do. It is illogical and unfair to those who obey the laws in place.

Bob the Builder: "So the moral of the story is: Drink until you puke!"

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Kallie @ 09/07/04
"Oh Andy, funny times. I less than three Bob the Builder. "

irisangelapearl @ 09/07/04
"Yes, bob the Builder added a nice touch."

gregor @ 09/07/04
"Drinking ins't neccesarily bad, its the people who do it. They probsbly do the shit they do while drinking as an excuse to do that stupid shit, i've gone drinking a few times and the only stupid thing i've done is walk home from mcgranagan's house and steal a piece of fire wood"

gregor @ 09/07/04
"and i cant spell"

FredFredrickson @ 09/08/04
"I'm not sure how you can classify that as the only stupid thing you've done.."

Kallie @ 09/08/04
"The only stupid thing he's done because of alchohol, perhaps."

AngelSanctuary @ 09/11/04
"where di you get bob the builder!? "

SpIkE @ 09/12/04
"if i answer that it ruins the randomness of it."

Vanguard @ 02/09/05
"I don't agree about age at all. We're taught that it's this evil thing and doing so will merit you a ticket to hell. Nobody teaches us that alcohol can be consumed for flavor, it's always taught that it will get us drunk."

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