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Posted by SpIkE on 09/17/07 10:42am.

About a week ago I posted a picture of the fully working Warthog from the Halo series, I said it was a product of Bungie, but it turns out I was wrong about its origins. Weta, the company that did most of the special effect and prop work for the Lord of the Rings series, developed the fully working replica, complete with four wheel steering and it's ever rumored to have a working chaingun. However, I don't think this one has infinite ammo. Before I get into the significance of all this, here is a video of a test drive of the Warthog.

It's notable that Weta produced this "prop" because it shows signs that the Halo movie is back on track despite being stalled in late 2006 after Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox, that were signed up for co-funding the film, yanked their cash. It's also notable that Peter Jackson is still the executive producer of the film, who collaberated with WETA in the filming of The Lord of the Rings. If you're interested in more info, read the wiki on it, it's gonna be more accurate than me regugitating hear-say at you. [Wikipedia]

Anyway, there have been a couple shorts/teasers that have been shown at some of the game-cons over the last year to hype Halo 3 and also to demonstrate to film studios that there is a desire and a public interest in this movie being produced. Take a peek at the two videos that have been released thus far.

I've always been a huge fan of the Halo universe, and I'm very excited to see these pieces falling into place for the movie. Hopefully the film studios will realize how profitable this franchise is and get their asses on board.

Update: On July 5th, 2007, Fox purchased filming rights and says the project will go on. [source]

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ThatSam @ 09/17/07
"Oh dear lord, I want that!"

FredFredrickson @ 09/18/07
"Or they developed the car so that MS could put together some live action teaser trailers for the game. I think this provides little proof of a movie."

SpIkE @ 09/18/07
"You don't usually see live actiom teasers like this for a game."

FredFredrickson @ 09/18/07
"Actually live action teasers for games are not uncommon. "

SpIkE @ 09/18/07
"to this extent? Show me some."

SpIkE @ 09/18/07
"googling that topic gets you a lot of halo links."

the_legacy @ 09/24/07

SpIkE @ 09/24/07

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