The day driving [loops] became illegal
Posted by FredFredrickson on 02/01/04.

So, evidentally, driving has become illegal...but I'm sure this came about only after walking and riding bikes were added to the big list of deadly crimes...

Just a night or two ago, I was driving a friend home (a deliciously hot friend) and as we were driving, a cop pulled out of nowhere (like they very often do) and started following us. This is usually when I start freaking out, trying to make sure I'm doing everything right, not messing up, not too fast, not too slow, not swerving. You know.. the regular.

After a bit of this, I decided I had had enough of the stress, and pulled onto a side road which I was almost sure would take me to my friend's house. The cop, of course, decided to follow. Bastard.

After a good fifteen minutes following this curvey road, we soon found ourselves back where we had started... we had gone in a complete loop. We were right next to the onramp for the interstate, so I figured I'd just get on that and get to her house eventually (and hopefully lose the cop..) but as I turned to get on the interstate, the cop put his lights on, and pulled us over.

He requested my drivers license and registration and what not, and I asked him what I had done wrong. He said "I had been following you, and you went in a complete loop." Immediately I thought to myself, when did that become illegal? Granted it was about 12:15 in the middle of the night, I was pretty close to sure I hadn't heard any rules about that in drivers ed. Even though I spent 78% of drivers ed asleep.

...At the wheel.

He asked where we were headed, and why we had gone in a circle, and I explained to him that we were heading towards my friend's house, and that we went in a loop cause we got lost. He didn't believe me, but it was the truth. I took a wrong turn, and had no idea where I was for a good 10 minutes. Stupid police.

After he gave me back my stuff, he told me that I better hurry home, because I only had 40 minutes before curfew.. and I certainly didn't want to be out that late. So I did just that. I hurried to my friend's house, and then hurried to a gas station, to uh.. get.. gas.. and then I started home... Except, soon after I left the gas station, I noticed a car suddenly appeared behind me. After a while, we passed under a street light, and I saw those lovely trademark lights on top of the car behind me. I realized I was being stalked by cops that night.

The cop followed me all the way to my house, and then kept driving. But I'd like to think that this is a form of harrassment. Isn't there something illegal about what they're doing? And since when was what I was doing illegal? FREAKIN COPS! Why don't they go do something real.. like, stop robbers or something.

I can only pray that somewhere, somebody was robbed while the cops were busy harrassing me. Then they'd feel stupid.

"Johnson, we had a 10-44 in progress, where were you!?"

"Uh, stalking some teenage kid who didn't break any laws..."

"Johnson, you're fired!"

Then All the TVs in the office would turn on immediately, with my face on each one, just laughing. And pointing. And laughing. Muahahaha.

That would be excellent.

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Kallie @ 02/01/04
"It wasn't any was "suspicious driving." "

PhreakyAcid @ 02/01/04
"Dude, I totally know what you're talking about. One time a cop pulled a U-Turn and started following me down the road... so I figured, I should get gas, I'm almost home, it's 3 O'clock in the morning, and I dont wanna get gas when i wake up. So I get gas, and the cop stops at the convenience store across the street and watches me. I drive home, and he follows me, and pulls into a driveway, leaving his headlights on, to watch me as I get out of my car. It was at this time I got out of my car to get something out of the trunk. I looked up and thought ' i wonder how long he will wait' so i pick up my gameboy and play tetris... and from the cop's point of view, im just fiddling around in my trunk... I do this for like 20 minutes and the cop is STILL there. So I say screw it and start going inside, but not before staring at the cop in disbelief and shaking my head so that he sees it. And I go inside. Stupid cops."

FreakBurrito @ 02/01/04
"I've never had qite that happen. But I have had cops follow me for inordinate ammont of distances. Hrm I wonder if it's because I rarely drive at night."

The Mexican @ 02/01/04
"thats happend to me was alot different..and i had reasons of being followed...but...i crossed city lines and didnt get busted with what i had in teh trunk"

FredFredrickson @ 02/01/04
"If I had taken just one left turn, none of that would've happened. I'd have ended up in tilton."

Kallie @ 02/01/04
"Navigating with a cop right on your ass is not such an easy thing to do."

FreakBurrito @ 02/01/04
"Yea because your psrsnoid when your doing it."

Kallie @ 02/01/04

TheGreatGaspe @ 03/05/08
"hmmm i cant say i have had anny bad experiences with cops.....yet"

SpIkE @ 03/05/08
"you're young, you will."

TheGreatGaspe @ 04/06/08
"well that sucks"

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