Haircuts and radios... May God have mercy on us.
Posted by FredFredrickson on 11/04/03.

So I was getting my hair cut today, and I watched in the mirror as the lady slowly cut off the strands of beauty that I had spent the past month growing. What a strange idea, cutting hair. Anyway, I noticed looking at myself in the mirror, that the super-sized bib they make you wear when getting your hair cut makes your face look different. Fatter. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. Go get your hair cut and tell me your face looks good while wearing that smock.

Anyway, it bothered me because being in a hair salon, more often than not, cute girls would come in, buy a product or two, go tanning, or get their hair cut themselves. This was a problem because in order to put one's mack on, one must not look like his/her face is fatter than the floppy meat cakes of Queen Elizabeth herself. Don't believe me? Tape steak to your face and try to get a date, I dare you.

So there's not much you can do to fix this, so you just gotta let go. Just sit back, let your hair get cut, and listen to the radio.

Ahh, yes, the radio. I can't honestly say I've listened to the radio in a long time, and today I realized just why. The stations suck. Even the rock stations. I mean, your regular pop station, of course, is going to suck. But rock stations... the way I remembered them, they were the only stations that played the music you liked... but now, all I thought I knew turned out to be lies, because here was ROCK 101 playing some crap song, and then the guy comes on, reminding you that you are in fact listening to rock rock rock rock rock 101, and then he'll play a bunch of 2 second clips of songs you'd like to hear, and then they play another crap song. And then an hour of commercials.

I figure the thinking behind this is simple: They give you a sample of what you want to hear, and then only play the good songs every once in a while, making sure that you stay right there waiting for the good song. That way, they make more money because of advertisers and such. Why do we, the people, put up with this blatantly obvious marketing scheme!? I have an idea.

I think I should start my own radio station. "You're listening to Good Music 105, Like the other stations, but less suck!" And I'd only play the songs that I like. Would it alienate a few people? Maybe Grandma... What's important is, it wouldn't alienate the people who should be listening to my station anyway.

So that's my rant for today. I decided to post today, cause my last post was horrible.. I was just playing with my new popup features. :D

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flushmaster2000 @ 11/04/03
"Fred, if I could get a date with steak strapped to the side of my head how much would you pay me? C'mon, I say we get a little bet going onver this."

FredFredrickson @ 11/04/03
"I'll let you post a picture on the website. that's about it."

Wobert @ 11/04/03
"what if I do it? Keeping in mind that this would require me to actually date....there would need to be some sort of compensation..."

FredFredrickson @ 11/04/03
"I'd give you your own video. "

FreakBurrito @ 11/05/03
"Hrm The possible continuation of your genes?"

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