Addictions, Smoking
Posted by FredFredrickson on 07/05/07 10:29am.

Lung cancer, respiratory and upper digestive tract cancers, cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus. Leukemia, cancers of the bladder, stomach, kidney and pancreas. Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, coughing, phlegm, wheezing, dyspnea, heart attacks, angina, peripheral vascular disease, cerebrovascular diseases. Discolored teeth, horrible stench, bad kissing and smelly clothes.

Some of these items are not just possible outcomes, so much as inevetable outcomes when you smoke. Smoking is just plainly bad for you. And it's pretty gross for people around you.

Chances are, if you smoke, this is going to offend you. Stop reading, or be prepared to deal with it.

Ok, I see we've chosen to read on.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY ANYBODY SMOKES. NOT AT ALL. I can see why people may have trouble quitting smoking - because they're addicted. But other than that, there is no reason why you shouldn't quit right now.

It calms me down when I'm stressed. Big deal, so does excersize, sex, video games (sometimes), EATING (another less fatal addiction), receiving massages, doing puzzles, killing children and a billion other things. This is a BS excuse.

Now's not a good time for me, I'll do it later. And maybe I'll go to work when I feel like it, but right now I just feel like being irresponible.

It keeps me thin, or I need to lose more weight before I quit. No wonder why you smoked - you don't have self control to begin with. You can't stop eating either. Well fatty, keep smoking then, and donate the food to some third world country that needs it.

These are all damn excuses, It's time to get some damn will power and actually do something about this habit. It's painful to see how many people smoke, it's like, did the anti-smoking propeganda they showed in school just go in one ear and out the other? I can't understand why people even start. I mean, sure your addiction "calms" your nerves now, since that's usually what an addiction will do, give you a fix (for the problem it created). But the first time, it wasn't the familiar cigarette with dinner. It wasn't the familiar nerve calming that you crave. No, what was it? Peer pressure? Marketing? Did you think it made you look cool, since everybody else at the party just went outside for a smoke? Sure I'll just join them and look cool too. I just smoke socially, I have it under control. Ooops, I just got in a fight with someone, and I accidentally lit up in my car. Alone. --and addicted.

Well, it takes some real strong will power to start smoking. What ever your reasoning- my dad used to smoke and I loved the smell, I started because my friends did it, I started because I'm a freakinidiot, it's dog-gamned annoying. For serious folks. Guess what, I grew up with a grandmother who couldn't stop smoking. I spent good amount of my childhood at her house- full of smoke. And guess who still doesn't like cigarettes? Me.

Why does this anger me so much? Well, usually, when a group of people try to kill themselves off, it's for a good reason, but this one hits much closer to home. Because I can't freakin breathe around you idiots gearing up for your future (but not too distant) cancer.

The other night we went to see fireworks, and I can't remember getting too many breaths of fresh air, since everybody and their moms were smoking. And it's damned annoying. It's gross smelling, it's not healthy for me, it's annoying to not have fresh air. Like Wobert, I'm addicted to air. How would you like it if I took away your ability to drink water. What's that? Can't survive without fresh clean water? I'll give you some mucky water that I found in the sewer. Pretty sure drinking that will cause cancer. Don't like it? Then stop doing the same thing to my air assholes.

And also, I can't remember anything more disgusting than kissing a smoker. So keep that in mind ladies. Last time I was at the beach I saw some good looking girls walking by, and I thought, oo-la-la. Until I noticed they were smoking, and instantly I lost all interest in them. They became unattractive to me. That's how bad it is.

Don't give me BS comments like, well it's not that easy, you've never smoked so you don't know how hard it is to quit. Guess what crapface - I wasn't the dumbass who started. I concidered my consequences, and I'm reaping the benefits of not making stupid decisions that lead me to harder decisions. Take some personal responsibility. Accountability. You put yourself there, not me. I don't care if it's so hard that it's impossible for you to quit. You should still quit, and too bad if you can't.

Additionally, if you're of the thinking "Well it only hurts me, so I do what I want." You're dead wrong. Even if you manage to smoke in secluded areas and never expose an innocent bystander to smoke, you're still hurting people. You can't imagine (or maybe you can) the pain and suffering that you put close loved ones through when you are dying of cancer. You interrupt the lives of everybody close to you, and you do so for an indefinite amount of time. While all deaths can be tragic and cause morning, your inevitable but long-coming death will cause many extra months if not years of suffering for all who care about you. Funny, makes me think twice before loving a smoker. How can you be so careless with the hearts of people who love you?

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SpIkE @ 07/05/07
"Hmmm, valid points. Good read. I think I'm gonna go have a smoke now..."

Spoonwoman @ 07/05/07
" Numerous studies show that smoking smooth, low-tar cigarettes is awesome. "

Spoonwoman @ 07/05/07
"Top one: Spoon's pro-smoking article. Bottom one: Health benefits of nicotine consumption."

FredFredrickson @ 07/05/07
"Spoon, you don't smoke. Why not?"

Spoonwoman @ 07/05/07
"Image, mostly. I think cigarette smoking is associated with chronic lowlife-ism and I can't afford that association. You saw how people got up in arms when they found out that Senator Obama smokes regularly (fortunately his spin control was able to put it down.) "

Riev_Mordred @ 07/05/07
"Smoking is just bad for you. Robbie pretty much summed it up, though this all can be applied to a number of addictive substances."

cherrybomb @ 07/05/07
"drinking is bad for you too, but everyone seems to do that everyday... and also, because i dont want a backlash of "gorw-up you dumb bitch", that was not directed at anyone person..."

Riev_Mordred @ 07/05/07
"gorw-up you dumb bitch"

cherrybomb @ 07/05/07
"learn to spell "grow""

cherrybomb @ 07/05/07
"i meant i should learn to spell "grow" ha ha! sorry! typo!"

FredFredrickson @ 07/06/07
"Drinking doesn't have the same side effects."

Lambic @ 07/06/07
"I smoke, and am belittled by this column... my hat is off."

FredFredrickson @ 07/06/07
"So.. stop smoking.. ?"

SpIkE @ 07/06/07
"yeah d-bags"

cherrybomb @ 07/06/07
"well no alcohol doesnt have the same effects but it gives you cancer and liver diseases, along with kidney failure and it also makes you an ass... but okay, no only smoking is bad for you. you're right and i am ever so wrong"

FredFredrickson @ 07/06/07
"Cherry, you really should learn not to start unless you have a good argument on your hands. By the way, phrases like "you're right and i am ever so wrong" appeal to emotional reasoning, and may help to strengthen what you mistakenly believe to be your argument, but in no way discounts just how right I really am and how wrong you usually are. Please refer to my article 'People can't think.'"

SpIkE @ 07/06/07
"yeah, alchohol use is not nearly as detrimental to your health as smoking. Now if you're talking about alchohol ABUSE, thats a whole different subject. But I don't see how that is even relevant to this subject anyway. Are you defending smoking??"

SpIkE @ 07/06/07
"lets remove those extra "H"s from the word alcohol. K? thanks"

cherrybomb @ 07/06/07
"oh im not saying its worse than smoking, no way! and im not saying smoking is okay for you. what i am saying is that people do things that are bad for them and do things that they shouldnt and then yell at people for doing things they want to do... okay that only made sense for me. anyhoo... i wasnt trying to start an argument either but alcohol is pretty shitty for you. i mean i do that to but thank god i dont do it every night or every weekend cuz id be a mess! ha ha"

FredFredrickson @ 07/06/07
"yeah but if I drink, it won't cause you to get drunk because you're near me. Smoking on the other hand..."

cherrybomb @ 07/06/07
"yea, but when your drunk you could potentially do things you regret later... as in have sex with someone you dont actually like, beat someone up, generally be an ass to your friends, cheat on a significant other, and the list goes on. and to avoid getting yelled at thats just lots of thing in general and not directed at anyone person. i have to put disclaimers in everything now to avoid first rate bitchings. but yea drinking is bad as is smoking as is unprotected sex as is doing drugs..."

FredFredrickson @ 07/06/07
"getting pregnant or the crap kicked out of you is not a direct effect of alcohol. Let's ask a doctor, can my friend drinking get my pregnant? He'll say .. hmm, maybe if you're a dumb bitch and have sex with him. dumbass"

cherrybomb @ 07/06/07
"well no, im not saying it will happen. i know people who have smoked almost all their lives and you'd never know it they're so healthy. four of them are over the age of 70 and havent had the slightest problem yet. im not saying drinking or doing drugs or having sex will do tose things to you, im saying it totally can happen. you can get cancer from smoking, but it isnt a guarenteed no way out of it thing. same way you can get liver and kidney failure from drinking but it wont always happen. you can also get pregnant from having sex but it doesnt always happen. you can beat the shit out of someone cuz you're own cocaine, but it isnt a sure thing. do you see what im saying yet?"

FredFredrickson @ 07/07/07
"not really. The chances of smoking = cancer are much higher than alc = preggos. driving a car can also cause accidents and eating food can make you fat. Knowing four people who smoke and aren't dead isn't much of a sample group."

cherrybomb @ 07/07/07
"well no, but i know lots of people who smoke and arent dead, but i thought id use those people as they are older and have smoked all their lives and dont have problems yet. im not saying that drinking and getting pregnant is on the same level with smoking and having various complications. what i am saying is that complications can occur in both. i also wanted to say that in my last thing i said you can get pregnant from having sex not drinking leads to pregnancy, although drinking can, but not always lead to bad choices and one of those choices may get someone pregnant. well, im actually going to resign from this argument, not because i feel ive lost but simply because i just repeat myself and you seem to not understand. but its been a good one and ill talk to you later perhaps! "

Lambic @ 07/07/07
"You dumb. Your forgetting the choice factor. You have a fucking choice to all of these things. So dont argue the effects, realize that With EVERYTHING in life there could be a result that would be detrimental. And the point was made, smoking instantly and directly effects those around you, those other things are based of the individuals choice alone."

Monster @ 07/07/07
"This is ridiculous; arguments between smokers and non-smokers, drinkers and non-drinkers, or whom so ever chooses to voice their opinions are not goinng to accomplish anything but different views being reiterated over and over until someone runs out of things to say--which, noting by the many responses to this article, is soon to be never. "

cherrybomb @ 07/07/07
"thats my point is that everything has a consequence and i know there's a choice, but ending with that i do agree that smoking is bad for people and bad for those around you... but now i really and truly shut myself to the subject because ive exhausted the issue far beyond what i thought it would take to explain myself"

Seth @ 07/08/07
"I must say, my mom's smoking definitely cut down on family togetherness time, cause her smoke drove me out of the living room. I STILL basically live in my bedroom out of force of habit..."

SpIkE @ 07/10/07
"Hmmm, based off all the comments here, I'm going to sum it up for anyone who doesn't want to read it all. Almost everything in life can have a negative outcome - but smoking (though it is a choice) is bad for you and everyone around you. Drugs on the other hand..."

SpIkE @ 07/31/07

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