MPAA is at it again!
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Posted by FredFredrickson on 10/05/07 01:50pm.

As per usual, the MPAA is doing what they, and the RIAA, do best: Suing people.

This time, the head on the chopping block is TorrentSpy, a website that doesn't host, but does link to torrents that include pirated games, music, and - you guessed it- movies!

Ironically, part of the case the MPAA is presenting is based on email data that was *stolen* from torrentspy and sold to the MPAA for $15,000!

Robert Anderson, a former business associate of one of TorrentSpy's founders, acknowledged "hacking" into the company's e-mail systems and rigging it so he would receive a copy of all outgoing and incoming e-mail correspondence. He later sold the information to the MPAA for $15,000.

The judge apparently ruled that because the email wasn't technically intercepted- that is to say, it reached it's destination- it didn't violate the federal Wiretap Act.

Interestingly, the MPAA continues to contradict its own moral high-ground, taking part in corporate espionage - and again, publically violating copyright. (Paying for an unauthorized copy of somebody else's intellectual data.)

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ThatSam @ 10/05/07

Riev_Mordred @ 10/08/07
"Also of interest on /. was in the UK, in which a company is being sued because its employees listen to the radio loudly at work, constituting a "Public Performance", which is against copyright"

FredFredrickson @ 10/08/07
"link me"

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