Fredrickville Columns


All the stupid crap you expect from our beloved FredFredrickson, condensed into an easy to open package for your insulting pleasure. Don't hate on me.

The Outhouse

I will regale your audience of about 12 with stories that I make up on the spot about random things. I need an outlet for my imagination.

The Prodigal Rugburn, Badloe's Brown-Eye and Assorted Turdy Flipper Kids

Just something about opinions being like assholes, I am one.

Things and Stuff!

Keep up to date on random crap that might interest you.

Action! Combat Sponge!

Our very own home-grown webcomic by that sam.

Spoon's Editorial

This is Spoon's old board. Spoon sometimes updates anyway, so I'll keep this around.

Rhymes with Purple

Some of my colleagues think that the chemicals we are experimenting with could potentially cause brain damage, however I think that fish crunchy bits of salami my new red hippie noodle. Naked pool frogs? [Wobert no longer writes, this is an archive]

Fredrickville Videos

Our collection of videos, n junk. Deal.

Poop on a stick

My observations of the world around me. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it's serious. But it's always...Real TV.

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