Tragic Tragedy
Poop on a stick
Posted by SpIkE on 10/26/04.

Death is something that is unavoidable for all of us. Sometimes, it is a cause for concern because of one's own health, or maybe a loved ones, but in one way or another we have all experienced some sort of acquaintance with death. Recently, a beloved long-time customer of the restaurant I work at died from heart failure. This weekend at work, a lot of people were mourning the loss of this great man. But something struck me as odd while I was hearing some of the conversations.

I kept hearing the word '"tragedy." It got me pondering on the subject. Tragedy is a strong word to be using in this situation. I really don't feel that a death from natural causes is a "tragedy" I hope I'm not being callous. I'm sure a lot of people reading this have lost someone close to them from a natural cause and are now getting a little upset, but I really would reserve the phrase "tragic" for things like plane crashes, suicides, or things of the like.

Here is an example, this girl I once knew, her grandmother died of cancer about a month after my dad committed suicide, and she made it seem like her loss was greater than mine. In my head, it didn't seem that way, cause her grandmother died of NATURAL causes. She treated it like a real tragic situation. Somber and heartbreaking, I can understand, but tragic? I don't think so. My grandfather died of cancer as well, and I don't think there was anything tragic about his death. Yeah, it sucked and I was sad, but I don't think there should be a monument built.

All right, well I don't want the whole subject of this to be about death and sadness, so I'm gonna move onto something with a little more Christmas cheer. Minus the Christmas part. So I guess that would make it regular cheer. Eh, good enough.

I was talking to some guys I know, and they were talking about their views on love. They are older guys, had some experience with love and all. Personally I think they are too ugly to really have an opinion, but what they said was interesting.

One of them made a comparison by asking me what my favorite food was. I replied pizza, of course. He asked if I would want pizza for breakfast and lunch and dinner. Knowing where he was going with this horribly unimaginative point, I said no. I'm too tired to finish this paragraph, so you finish it in your head. Ok? Thanks.

This other dude, all the sudden went off on his theory about love. He said love is not real, it is a FABRICATED word (I was impressed he used the word fabricated, because I saw him the day before going into a gas station super drunk and appearing to have pissed his pants, didn't think he was capable) He said that there are different degrees of tolerance "Before animal instinct takes over and you kill them." Yeah, see the quotes? That was a quote. Still not sure how this guy had the word "fabricated" get lost in his vocabulary. Poor word.

Well that's the end of this installment of Poop on a stick. Tune in next time, cause I'm sure to offend someone or make fun of a minority. When South Park does it, it's funny, when I do it, I get murdered. Yeah, eye balls on the floor and dead. Blood, blood, blood. Mmmmmm, Campbell's soup.

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SpIkE @ 10/27/04
"I'll work for comments."

Janedoe @ 10/28/04
"you rock, spike!"

stumper @ 10/28/04
"ok idk if its just my computer but that was a little hard for me to read because it seems every comma or quotation or period is replaced with a question mark. i didnt know if that was just my comp or what but other then that it was all good"

stumper @ 10/28/04
"and fyi spike you do rock"

SpIkE @ 10/28/04
"oops, that was an error...thanks to our good friend WOBERT! I'll fix it."

SpIkE @ 10/29/04
"and janedoe, i thought you disliked me..."

Janedoe @ 10/30/04
"I don't dislike you (primarily because I don't know you), I just don't always agree with some of your ideas. "

SpIkE @ 10/31/04
"fair enough"

ThatGirl @ 11/09/04
"I'm sorry, but I just wanted to say something. I agree and disagree with what you're saying, but I think that one shouldn't be less felt than the other. One persons grief should never outshadow anothers no matter what the cause for loss. I loved her Andy. And I loved your dad, and I miss them both. It was hard on both of us that's all. I'm sorry if I made you feel that my pain was greater than yours. It wasn't my intentions."

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