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Posted by SpIkE on 09/27/04 12:00am.

So yesterday I was writing this great big column for all you folks to read. It was not my best work, but I was proud of it nonetheless. So I was finishing it up and getting ready to head out for the night, I was a little rushed and while I was picking out the pictures for it, I X'ed out my browser. My column was lost, I had sent it off to the fabled place my college instructor refers to in the computer as...ZOOLOOLAND!

Makes me wonder what zoolooland is like. Must be kinda magical. Like a liger. You know, a cross between a tiger and a lion. It's pretty much my favorite animal. Zoolooland is where all the important documents go. You know, the ones you really need on a due date for a big project but suddenly can't find on your zip disk anymore. I heard a rumor that in Zoolooland there are unicorns and endless waterfalls of popcorn. Ok, now I am just reaching for straws here. See what happens when I lose a column? This could be bad.


The last month or so, my mom has been on a hunt for a new house because the taxes in Northfield are insanely high. Since my dad passed we don't have that second person bringing in an income, so we are having a hard time paying for all the expenses of living here. Made me realize that I really had it good as a kid. I still have it pretty good, but my family went from somewhat upper middle class to lower middle class in a very short time. We weren't thinking of moving out of Northfield until well after I got out of college.

It just got me thinking, shouldn't there be something in place to protect families in situations like mine. It isn't like any of us planned for my dad to commit suicide, but now we are all forced to deal with unfavorable circumstances and it just seems like it shouldn't have to be that way. Should there be some sort tax breaks for families who experience extreme tragedy that results in an income problem. I don't know, maybe I am just being whiny, but it just seems like we have a government that doesn't really care for people.

It's an aggravating situation. When I get aggravated at stuff like this I like to play a violent video game with lots of weapons and killing sprees. There is nothing better than picking up a sniper rifle and shooting a bullet through an opponent's head...OR my personal favorite...his crotch. But that sounds like a good topic to discuss in a different article. So when you get down, pick up a gun...and kill him until he is dead.

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FredFredrickson @ 09/28/04
"When our republican friends start wondering why their republican..."

FredFredrickson @ 09/28/04
"they're. Oh dear me."

Dan @ 09/28/04
"even with what little info you gave us, I believe you have a strong point with the taxes."

FredFredrickson @ 09/28/04
"I, too, believe those in less fortunate situations should be given a bit of a break.. enough of one to get them back on their feet.. I urge you to get in touch with your representative and find out just why the rich get more of a tax break than you do."

FreakBurrito @ 09/28/04
"Flat tax for all, no breaks no exceptions. 100% fair."

SpIkE @ 09/29/04
"leaving people like me screwed, thanks Mr. Forbes."

FreakBurrito @ 09/29/04
"not to be cold or calous, But shit happens, life sucks. Get over it."

SpIkE @ 09/29/04
"Ok, plain and simple, brain. You are a fucking faggot"

FreakBurrito @ 10/01/04
"Do not give in to anger, for that is the path of the dark side, and once you start down it, forever will it control your destiny."

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