How to kill yourself
Poop on a stick
Posted by SpIkE on 10/27/07 06:40pm.

If I were to kill myself...I would want to skydive out of an airplane, land in a monster truck as it's going over a huge jump and then as it crashes, be ejected into a pool of lava. But this is pretty bad ass too.

I'll gived five bucks to anyone who offs themselves this way. You know...before hand, for the supplies.

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corinne @ 10/28/07
"I wonder if the head would just flop forward"

corinne @ 10/28/07
"let's convince someone to do this "

SpIkE @ 10/28/07
"do we know anyone who's on the edge?"

corinne @ 10/28/07

ThatSam @ 10/28/07
"this is sick and twisted. make it ten bucks."

Spoonman @ 10/28/07

SpIkE @ 11/13/07

GGagnon @ 01/12/08
"You will need very retarded friends for them to miss the stool and wire hanging from the ceiling above you..."

the_legacy @ 01/12/08
"That’s why you have them explode after you kill yourself, duh. You could have one of the robot vacuums going so that it would suck up all the mess. They would never know!!"

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