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Posted by SpIkE on 06/05/07 12:15pm.


When I'm not wasting time looking at celebrity bullcrap, I usually read articles on automotive web sites. Anyone who has been watching the automotive scene knows that (for obvious reasons) the industry is doing everything they can to develop vehicles that run off alternative fuels or producing hybrid models.

I'm all about that, the sooner we integrate the technology into the market and eradicate fossil fuels from our gas tanks, the better! But one thing that I keep seeing in the automotive news that I just don't understand - the hybrid supercar.

Shown above is a Ferrari F430 - a good example of a supercar. MSRP for a car like this is somewhere around $200,000. Only a small percentage of the public will own a car like this - this is the cream of the crop. So why the hell would Ferrari and automakers like them even consider making a hybrid version of one of their exclusive supercars? Why are companies that make exotic sports cars putting forth the effort on cars that are a minority on the tarmac.

It makes more sense for the big American manufacturers to be pushing their hybrid models, but they have hardly made a buzz about it in their advertising campaigns. Their attempts at becoming eco-friendly have been lackluster at best. It's THESE companies who need to re-think the way they do business. It's not the 1970's anymore, bigger isn't always better and more powerful isn't always smarter.

So it just seems really ridiculous when the smallest percentage of the automotive elite are developing hybrids, while the majority of the passenger cars being produced by mainstream manufacturers today hardly crack 30 mpg.

It's a joke!!! Laugh with me!!!! $3.00+ per gallon!!!

Not funny.

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FredFredrickson @ 06/05/07

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