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Posted by The Mexican on 07/09/04.

Its that time again, huh? Well, ok, I guess so, what to write, what to write? Nothing really exciting has happend anywhere in the world really. The new movie King Aruthur came out, that was pretty cool. I enjoyed it. That american marine that was taken hostage was found in Jordan. Spikes birthday is tommorw that goes hand in hand with a big get together at my house (Starts at 3, all are invited). So, that has been the meat and potatoes of the past few months, nothing much to report on.

With that stuff aside, I am happy to say that my summer has been wonderful. It has been 110% awesome, I've spent it in the company of the best of friends. I hope yours is going just as well.

I went to the Museum of Science the other day and I can say it was pretty cool. I haven't been there since I was a wee child in the sixth grade. I saw some pretty sweet stuff like chickens hatching, that's one of those things can be seen easily, but I just never got around to it. Another thing I saw was this fat Chinese kid, ohh man this kid was so awesome! I also saw some movie about disasters in the big crazy Imax thing there, wow! It's insane I got all dizzy and stuff. All in all that was a pretty good day.

The time for me to ship out to Fort Knox Kentucky for my training is getting pretty close, so in around two months I won't be posting much anymore but until then I'll bring all sorts of content and junk.

I'll leave you with a few things. Lately one or two people have been upset with the way we run things and I feel it's not the way we run things but infact it's who we are instead. I must say though, things are no different than when Fred was running it full time. Fred likes to keep the site clean so one or two words are banned, but that seems to be the end of the world for most of you. Threats have never been tolerated and that will always stand. The subject on to many admin, well Fred looked at his current admin, and they are either too busy to work on the site full time, or are inactive. So he hired two reliable and hard working people to do the work while he is gone. I am only a temporary admin due to where I am headed. Spike is a permanent admin since the columns never get updated anymore. Most of you say we take this site too seriously, well Fred IS paying for the site and is also EXTREAMLY strapped for cash, so since I do not want my good friend to lose money in any way, this site will be taken seriously because I do not want to have anything bad happen and then have to explain it to Fred. It will be my fault since I am the caretaker. So those select few who I've noticed that have problems with the way we run the site, are only those few people who have a personal problem with Spike Fred or myself. Other than that just enjoy FV and try not to let your personal problems interfear with it one else wants to read it. So keep it to IM's or PM's.

This site is meant for fun, not for you to get mad and steamed up over. All we ask is that you dont use the F-word, talk about boozing, and don't make any threats. We are all mature, I'm sure you all are capable of doing this, no wait I know you all are.

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FreakBurrito @ 07/09/04
"What time on Saturday?"

The Mexican @ 07/09/04
"my house anytime after 3...EVERYONE is invited even those who dont like to invite themselves."

Hauck @ 07/09/04
"lol good one mexi "

janedoe @ 07/09/04
"Where's the picture from?"

The Mexican @ 07/09/04
"its my kitty"

The Mexican @ 07/09/04
"and one cat from her litter"

janedoe @ 07/09/04
"Post more. All the time."

janedoe @ 07/09/04

The Mexican @ 07/09/04
"what pics of my cat?"

stubernmule @ 07/09/04
"whats with the kid getting a shot ?"

The Mexican @ 07/09/04
"hes chinese and i saw a kid that looked like him at the musem of science in boston!"

stubernmule @ 07/17/04
"my bad"

stubernmule @ 07/17/04
"but i knew that part but why is he getting a shot haha u could have just got a picture with a chinses kid"

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