Alternative Medicine
Posted by FredFredrickson on 05/04/11 10:46am.

For some reason, this needs to be said. Because for some unknown reason, people actually believe this tripe. I will put it in bold, so that you can see it clearly: Alternative Medicine Does Not Work. Period.(period)

As some of my closer friends will attest, I get sick a bit, and recently I was doing just that. Being sick. Had myself a real paroozey cold.. so bad, in fact, that I couldn't use adverbs, and made up adjectives.

Of course, naturally, as somebody who treats most problems methodologically, I decided that being sick was no different from any other problem I solve day-to-day, so I took a short trip to the electroland to peruse the googlenets to find out what to do, just like I do every other time I face a decision or problem.

Except unlike technicial problems (or relationship problems THANKS YAHOO! ANSWERS! WOMIN ARE LIEK BOOKS you just TURN THE PAGES! -xoXOSuprastahXOxo), medical problems only come up with thousands of pages of absolute CRAP.

I keep coming across articles that start off nicely (A cold, huh? Well first start off with lots of sleep..) but then quickly delve into the stupid alternative medical bullcocky that makes me want to eat razor-flakes for breakfast. (then recite this poem while looking in the mirror)

Here are the facts, I'm sick of hearing otherwise:
1. Vitamins. Understand how they work. You cannot "boost" your immune system. You cannot guard yourself against attack. They are not drugs. They are vitamins. Your body is either deficient or has enough. That's it. If you take MORE than enough, your body discards it as waste. THAT IS HOW IT WORKS.

2. Vitamin C. There is no proven link between vitamin C and curing/shortening colds. Just stop it right now.

3. Natural or Organic Foods. For some reason, it actually came up quite a bit- No, switching from "processed" foods to organic foods won't actually cure your sinus infection. Seriously.

4. Herbs. No, taking tons of Herb X won't cure your problem. Seriously stop it.

What we need are real tips from actual doctors
Wouldn't it be great if you got advice like this for a cold?

Stay hydrated. Get lots of sleep. If you need to, take some cold medicine to aid in sleeping. Eat warm soup to soothe your throat. Taking ibuprofen will help the swelling in your throat and nasal passages go down. Helping the swelling go down is actually good, because it helps promote proper healing faster. When they're swollen, blockage can cause further infection. Sore throats can also become infected if left untreated. This is why you do these things, not because of some home remedy or magical fix. It's managing the symptoms to avoid them getting worse.

In the words of Tim Minchin...

You know what they call alternative medicine that's been proved to work? Medicine

-Tim Minchin

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FredFredrickson @ 05/04/11
"Now get off my lawn"

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