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Posted by FredFredrickson on 12/01/10 10:39am.

It just occurred to me that most of my life experiences are actually just lifetime movies I once saw. I suppose you could liken my thought process to somebody who bases their entire life on a fiction book like the bible, but I'd argue that at least life time movies are plausible. Except the one where the guy is the victim in the abusive marriage. That's just bullcocky. No way did that happen ever.

I just can't stand the idea of girls lying about rape. The issue of Julian Assange, founder of wikileaks, being wanted by interpol specifically for sex crimes that probably didn't happen just reminds me of all those other girls who do exactly the same thing* and it makes me really angry about the human race**.

We need a change people. We need a change today. Please stop this fake rape problem. I know I'm not the only one totally outraged by stuff that I saw on tv. I say we take down the whole system.

*on fictional tv shows.

**the fictional representation of the human race according to tv.

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the_legacy @ 12/01/10
"Oh how said it is how women have perfected playing the victim. Society endorses women to play the victim, blame society, and blame the man thatís holding them down. The reality is that everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions and reactions. The fact is that woman are just as abusive as menÖ. if not more. Why is it that itís okay for women to play vicious mind games with men to control them? For those feminists out there Ė stop being so dramatic and putting yourselves down and teach yourselves how to be successful so you donít have to blame your failure on the man keeping you down. I believe this topic should migrate to the Gripe Corner."

SincereSarcasm @ 08/09/11
"I second that women play victim when most times they are playing mind games. I find it sad that women are allowed to be normal one day and crazy the next. Guys have it rough man. You find a girl you think is nice and maybe you forget to call or she just is nuts so you break it off and BAM! Rape charge! It's utterly ridiculous that society doesn't even care to truly listen to your side of the story. In their eyes, you are already a criminal. "

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