What's good right now?
Posted by FredFredrickson on 05/15/09 12:00 am.

Is FV dead? That's the question on everybody's mind. Well, if that question is on everybody's mind, then the answer is no. But unfortunately, I cannot accurately determine mindshare, as my mind reading device is offline, and won't be fixed until 2012.

I will admit, I've neglected this site. I've stopped my rather stupid ramblings, and even closed the gripe corner for almost a year. And, yes, that killed discussion. But did it kill FV? The answer- probably not. I'm reading just as many hits in my logs as usual. In fact, according to my stats, some people still check the site regularly. Couldn't tell you why. I suppose I won't let it die. Just a time for re-invention. A time to move foward.

There was a lot of bitterness, as I closed up the gripe last time around. Cherrybomb hated me, every conversation would turn to crap, ex-friends decided to declare their ex-friendmanship on my site, and hot babes were emailing me regularly. Although, one would normally have to take the good with the bad, I was busy enough with my own life that I just didn't care. A re-envisioning was due, and it started with a flush.

So, let's get it all in the open now. You are thinking to yourself, what's the point- if nobody's reading this? Well, I assure you that since you're currently reading this, this couldn't be entirely true.

It's time for change. Not sure what, but change must happen. I'm bored of pointless rants and mindless dribble. The expectation that only crap comes out of this site is the reason this site attracts such crap, a self-fullfilling prophecy, unfortunately.

Bingo-fanatics be damned, FV has never been and never can be killed. Eventually, everybody takes a peek, to see what's happened to everybody. While people have clearly gone their own ways, there is a tie- a bond, if you will, which brings us all back.

You can hate me. You can hate the ville. But you can't escape this inevitability. Sometimes, you just need something or somebody to hate. A scapegoat. Sometimes you need a common enemy. Well, the good people of Fredrickville need a hero. And fredrickville is that hero. Not a knight in shining armor, but instead, a common entity which is hated by all.

What will happen? I'm not sure. You tell me. I can assure you this- FV cannot and will not die. It will just keep on keeping on.

In the mean time, I will tell you what's good. The Stills. They're still good. Even better, actually.

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FredFredrickson @ 06/10/09
"I see you lurker."

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