New Years Resolution
Posted by FredFredrickson on 12/26/07 11:28am.

Well, the new year is coming up quickly, and there's a lot to get in order. An over-all feeling of complete unproductivity can certainly cause you to become a bit overwhelmed, and depressed. Sometimes it's time to say to yourself, this year is coming to a bit of a bland close, it's time to start fresh and really get on the ball. This year, it's time to make things happen.

It's easy to run into roadblocks in your life. What's not so easy is to realize that it can all be changed, and it's up to you. Turning your life around or making major changes is a decision that can be made at any time.

A good portion of this year was a transition for me. I took on major changes in my life. I moved out of my parents house, broke up with a major girlfriend of 3 years, and started writing a book. I partied. I worked. I learned. And I changed.

A lot of the change this year was for the better. I know that experiences that I've had have helped me make changes that are making me a better person. What's interesting is the realization that these changes have always been available on command. There are no big blocks actually keeping you from anything, except of course your own mind. You can do anything you want. If tomorrow you decide you're going to be an asshole for the rest of your life, the only thing stopping you is yourself.

I will be the first to admit that despite the experience I've gotten to date, I am still not complete. Nor will I be, until the day I die. Life is a long growing process.

So that being said, right now is a great time to say, I've done a lot of learning this year. Now it's time to really push and apply what I've learned. A new years resolution.

Fredrickville will be undergoing some slight changes. I will be opening the comment system for anonymous comments again. I will find a way to avoid using those stupid human-tests that you fail over and over again. But it will be spam free.

After almost 2 years of voice lessons, I'm now more sure than ever that it's really time to hit the pavement with music.

My new book will be finished soon, and it's actually not too bad so far. It will be available here as soon as I'm finished.

Work will continue. Major changes at work are looking very positive.

My outlook must remain positive at all times.

Sorry for such a touchy-feely post, my next one will be about how I hate everyone and such. But I felt this was a good time to share what was going through my head.

Fredrickville has been a good place for people to waste time, for myself and a few friends to pour ideas and rants, and for old friends to keep in touch with eachother.

I recently heard a story from somebody who goes to my old highschool. Apparently the legend of Fredrickville has not left, even though everybody involved has since left for better things.

Let the legend of Fredrickville continue to live on, and so on and so forth.

Oh, and can we get some new damn videos?

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FredFredrickson @ 12/26/07
"No comments about my lack of apostrophes."

the_legacy @ 12/26/07
"I can't wait for your new book to come out!! I hate New Yearís resolutions. People say that their going to do things that are crazy. For example "This year I'm going to climb Mt Everest and become president of the United States!" Itís nice to hear some resolutions that are actually obtainable. As for new videosÖ. Letís do it NOW!! Like this week now! :) "

FredFredrickson @ 12/26/07
"I think we should. How about this weekend ?"

FredFredrickson @ 12/26/07
"oh, and it be pr0n"

the_legacy @ 12/26/07
"Jonas did get us some crazy things... hahaha"

Spoonman @ 12/26/07
"What example was that?"

mynameisjonas @ 12/27/07
"hit the pavement with music.... does that mean *gasp* your going to perform?"

FredFredrickson @ 12/27/07
"Means I'm going to write"

ThatSam @ 12/28/07
"it means he will be out on the street."

Riev_Mordred @ 12/31/07
"Sometimes Sam is HILARIOUS."

cherrybomb @ 01/03/08
"sometimes people use caps lock to put emphasis on words... i also think there should be more videos. i miss the funny creativity"

SpIkE @ 01/04/08
"This post needed more turtles"

Applegoogle @ 01/04/08
"I was under the assumption it needed more radioactive ponies."

GGagnon @ 01/05/08
"Ha, people and their resolutions... Some people need to consider a resolution that has some effect on the people around them and stop being so selfish. Like, "This year I'm going to think before I speak at least 35% of the time.", or "I will do my best to remember to breathe and walk at the same time.""

mynameisjonas @ 01/24/08
"penis envy"

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