Bitchiness vs Assertiveness
Posted by FredFredrickson on 09/07/07 08:30am.

Today a common problem that I face on a regular basis smacked me in the face after a phone call with an angry customer. It was a female customer who was angry with: -you guessed it- me.

After a lengthy but angering conversation with her, I finally got off the phone and thought to myself... why can't women be assertive without being bitches? Then of course I questioned my own question. Was she being a bitch? Or was she just being assertive like a man would be, and I labeled her a bitch? The answer was startling:

She was a bitch. And I'll tell you why. The difference between being assertive (standing up for yourself. getting things done. not being afraid of doing what needs to be done to get places) and being bitchy (self-explanitory) is simple. Bitchiness is being unneccesarily assertive to the point of being rude.

I was also able to convince myself I was right because there was no double standard here. Had it been a guy who was applying the "bitchy" assertiveness that she was, I would've no doubt labeled him an asshole and had the same feeling.

So the question remains: Why can't women be assertive without being bitchy? Well the answer is, they can. Just an overwhelming amount of assertive women can't draw the line. At least, that's what my experience tells me.

Could it be that the years upon years of oppression have caused women to lose track of the line? Or are they intentionally being bitchy to make up for lost time? Who knows? But we do know this: despite the fact that the male gender deserves very little in the way of mercy, over-compensating feminists do become hypocritical when they cry about double standards and thus create their own in return. It's like fixing a hole in the road by putting too much dirt in it. It will still be a bumpy ride, just in the opposite direction.

Guys can be assertive. Guys can be assholes. A great majority of my assertive male customers are not assholes. Girls can be assertive. Girls can be bitches. A great majority of my assertive female customers are bitches. And for no other reason, than to be bitchy. (And because they can't get laid. Fancy that.)

So here's a quick excersize for women to try out next time they're in a position that requires them to be assertive. You're ordering a meal. What do you say?

A. I'll have the NY strip steak, medium rare with a side of potatoes.

B. I'll have the NY strip steak, medium rare, and don't over cook it. And I'll have the potatoes on the side if you can remember that.

C. CanIpleasehavesomesteakthankyoupleasedon'tkillme?

If you answered B, you're a bitch. Get it? B for Bitch!? HAHAHA!

You can see from this simple example that A and B are both assertive and to the point. They both state what you want without phrasing the order like a question and causing everybody in the building to think you're inferior. I mean, I usually phrase my orders as questions because it's polite. "Can I get a pu-pu platter please?" That just means I'm not over compensating for my small penis (in your case dry vagina). But anyway, let's pretend that the over-sized store was out of SUVS and the only satisfaction you can get is barking orders and being assertive. 'A' is the correct answer. Learn it.

And so I conclude my awesome findings - proving again that derogatory thoughts and statements against an inferior sex are usually based in fact. Thank you and good night.

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corinne @ 09/08/07
"i seem to get ALL the bitchy one's and it's sooo very difficult not to let my inner bitch come out and bite 'em in the ass "

ThatSam @ 09/08/07
"Im an angry woman"

corinne @ 09/08/07

the_legacy @ 09/12/07
"That you are Sam!"

the_legacy @ 09/14/07
"I love pissing off bitches :oD I just wana stuff thier mouth with MARSHMELLOWS "

LittleMega @ 10/07/07
"hmmm very interesting"

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