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Posted by FredFredrickson on 08/17/07 01:37pm.

In case you were wondering, yes I vote democratic. And for those of you who haven't been following politics at all, here's a list of the biggest issues that I worry about, and how the top three democratic candidates stand on each one. Also- my opinion on who's the winner at each category. A great little brushup for those of you who want to vote.

Issues? Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John Edwards Winner?
Healthcare? [...] fighting to lower costs by modernizing our nation's health care infrastructure, which will also reduce errors and improve patient care. [...] save a typical American family up to $2,500 every year on premiums by: Providing affordable, comprehensive and portable health coverage for every American, Modernizing the U.S. health care system [..] Promoting prevention and strengthening public health to prevent disease[...] Families without insurance will get coverage at an affordable price.
Families with insurance will pay less and get more security and choices.
Businesses and other employers will find it cheaper and easier to insure their workers, and be required to provide at least assistance to workers for healthcare. [...] And requiring all American residents to get insurance.
Obama and Edwards seem to be right on target here. Clinton has no clear definition of her plans, just a general direction.. It appears Edwards is more interested in pushing a standard in healthcare, not just making a standard available.

Winner: John Edwards.
Global Warming? Lead the charge to stop global warming by investing in clean energy technologies, establishing a national market-based program to reduce global warming pollution, increasing our fuel efficiency. Hillary introduced a plan to Congress to create a Strategic Energy Fund that would inject $50 billion into research, development, and deployment of renewable energy. We can create the fund without raising taxes by giving oil companies a choice: invest in renewable energy themselves or pay into the fund. Require 20 Percent of Electricity to Come from Renewable Sources by 2020. Invest in Advanced Technologies: Obama will increase basic science and research funding for clean energy projects. Engage Disadvantaged Youth in Advanced Energy Job Sector. Capping greenhouse gas pollution starting in 2010 with a cap-and-trade system, and reducing it by 15 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. Creating a New Energy Economy Fund by auctioning off $10 billion in greenhouse pollution permits and repealing subsidies for big oil companies

Both Barack and Edwards again show intent on actually accomplishing something. Again, Clinton shows nothing more than a vague direction. Edwards again leads this category, with plans of not only limiting carbon (opposite of proactive renewable energy research, but actually limiting the carbon output requiring research), but suggesting a carbon-credit based economy.

Winner: John Edwards.

Iraq? In addition to capping troop levels, Hillary's Iraq Troop Protection and Reduction Act of 2007 would:
Require President Bush to begin removing the troops from Iraq within 90 days of passage, or Congress will revoke authorization for the war.
Put an end to the blank check to the Iraqi government and give them real benchmarks with real consequences if they fail to meet them.
Require the Secretary of Defense to certify that all troops sent to Iraq have the training and equipment they need.
Senator Obama introduced legislation which commences redeployment of U.S. forces no later than May 1, 2007 with the goal of removing all combat brigades from Iraq by March 31, 2008 -- a date consistent with the bipartisan Iraq Study Group's expectations. The plan allows for a limited number of U.S. troops to remain in Iraq as basic force protection, to engage in counter-terrorism and to continue the training of Iraqi security forces. If the Iraqis are successful in meeting the 13 benchmarks for progress laid out by the Bush Administration, this plan also allows for the temporary suspension of the redeployment, provided Congress agrees that the benchmarks have been met. It calls on Congress to use its funding power to block President Bush's escalation, immediately begin withdrawing troops by capping funding and requiring complete withdrawal of all combat troops in 12 to 18 months. Make it clear that President Bush is conducting this war without authorization. The 2002 authorization did not give President Bush the power to use U.S. troops to police a civil war.Engage in direct talks with all the nations in the region, including Iran and Syria
Support a political solution to the sectarian violence inside Iraq, including through convening a multi-party peace conference. Edwards also believes the United States must intensify its efforts to train the Iraqi security forces.

For the first time, Clinton has finally put down some real numbers, and gives us a good direction, but again only a direction - with no plan to end, just a plan to begin the end. Obama and Edwards both put deadlines on weithdrawal of troops. Obama agrees with following the 13 benchmarks presented by the Bush Administration, whereas Edwards believes that we can force a political solution after removing troops. Obama's plan removes troops sooner than Edwards', however Edwards pushes the legality issue, maintaining that Bush did not have authorization to take actions that he did.

Winner: Tie between Obama and Edwards.

(At the time of writing this)
$63 Million $58 Million
Edwards and Obama have received some money from federal lobbyists, but the campaigns have returned those donations. They also accept money from lobbyists working at the state government level or from former lobbyists. Some Obama advisers are also lobbyists.
$23 Million
Edwards and Obama have received some money from federal lobbyists, but the campaigns have returned those donations. They also accept money from lobbyists working at the state government level or from former lobbyists. Some Obama advisers are also lobbyists.

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FredFredrickson @ 08/19/07
"This is great, thanks for the information. No problem."

corinne @ 08/19/07
"i hate politics"

corinne @ 08/19/07
"...and yes I know it's very much unavoidable and I should support my country's decisions, however I find the more input I put into political talk the more shit I get for it so I just wait it out and laugh about whatever douche gets the hot seat "

the_legacy @ 08/20/07
"Wow i love how people get heated about abortions, fighting and scummy people but when it comes to politics everyone bales out. Whatís up with that?! Donít you people understand that voting for a new president can affect issues such as: Abortion and the war in Iraq. My point is, quit your bitching if youíre not going to educate your self and do something proactive. "

corinne @ 08/20/07
"well.... I 'm just saying usually when I'm for something, the opposite usually ends up being the outsome..... plain and simple"

corinne @ 08/20/07
"oh yes and i spelled outcome wrong too"

cherrybomb @ 01/07/08
"well heidi i hope this tells you why im voting for obama. i was writing up a response this morning but as i read the thread i realized robbie had posted this (kudos for that) and so now there is no need. obama is the man for the job as far as im concerned and aside from that if you want a reason as to why i want him over edwards its because i find obama to be a better speaker, more charismatic, and also a better agent for change in our nation. i want something totally new since whatever we have had thus far is simply not working for our nation. that is all."

the_legacy @ 01/07/08
" It’s because he is black! You want 2pac to be wrong!! haha. That’s just caz we ended up with a lame as low eared hick president. So just out of curiosity. Why won’t you be voting for some one like Edwards? He did claim to have Obama be his VP if he was elected. I feel that is a win win. I just don’t feel that Obama has enough experience. However having some one with low experience can be good too because they wont have a lot of the negative shit to influence them. "

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