Top 10 things I hate about your website.
Posted by FredFredrickson on 02/03/07.

(In no paticular order.)
(Also - not including my all-time-favorite peeve - The use of Papyrus)

10: When I load your page and music starts playing.

Seriously, I thought this finally died around the same time google purged their results of geocities websites. But I'm apparently wrong, because every so often I get phantom music playing.

Web-designers and web-idiots - Seriously. In this day in age, people view more than one website at a time, hell, most web browsers support multiple tabs so you can browse 10 or 20 websites at a time. I don't have time to sort through all the pages I have open, and find the one with phantom music or noise.

If your website makes noise or has music:
-Make sure it's very obvious at the TOP OF YOUR PAGE that your page is making the noise, and provide ample volume/play/stop controls.
-Make sure the audio doesn't start unless provoked by the user.
-Make sure that you NEVER play a midi file ever.

9: When I load your page, your advertisements make noise. Like a fly buzzing.

Your advertiser just cost you the fact I'm never going to your site again.

To that advertiser: Clever, make a banner with a fly buzzing that's super-obnoxious and there's no way to stop it, so you think people will click it in hopes of stopping the noise. Well think again. BALEETED!

8: When I follow a link that says "Download" or "Download Now" and it leads to another page.

HP, Dell, and other pc manufacturers are the biggest culprits of this one. Go to dell's website and try to download some drivers. Check how many times you have to click a link that says "download" before you get what you're looking for. Your links should not be deceiving. You, as a webmaster, are supposed to be who the user trusts. They trust your links to go where they say they will. You will lose that trust if you cause your users to follow 4803 pages to get what you originally promised them.

7: When I find something I want to download, and you hide the download link better than a toothbrush in England.

If I want to read about your download, I will stay and read. But most likely I'm going to start the download first. Don't try to force me to read before I find your download. That wastes time, and people like to multitask - we have become extremely efficient web-surfers. We want to start downloading now, and I CAN'T FIND A GODDAMNED DOWNLOAD LINK. In fact... see # 6.

6: Your site is so cluttered I can't find anything at all.

I can't find the download link. I can't find anything. I just closed your site.

It's bad news if your users regularly use google's search XYZ because your built-in navigation and search system is so hard to navigate. I have a few websites that I regularly go straight to google for. That's because you suck.

5: I can't tell the difference between your content and your advertisements.

Also bad - if your content looks like advertisments. Nobody will click on your site. Literally. No clicks. People won't click what they can't trust. We're learning. With the net becomming so saturated with ads, people are becomming very good at ignoring them. So if you can't tell the difference between content and ads, be assured, people won't see your content.

4: Your advertisements have nothing to do with what you're selling.

How does popping corn directly off the cob have anything to do with home equity loans and lowering my bills? That and hippies and tie-dye mushrooms. As a webmaster - you usually have control over who advertises on your site. It's important that you keep the advertising respectable, and professional, or it will reflect poorly on you. Even if you're not at fault for the idiot ad.

3: Your ad should not look like a thumbnail of a hot girl.


2: Your ads should not be embedded into your content.

Putting an ad in the middle of an article is rude. It's a big middle finger to your readers. If we were interested, we'd have clicked them on the sides. YES WE'RE IGNORING THEM ON PURPOSE. Don't shove them in front of our faces because you don't think we're responsible enough to read them. Putting them in the middle of content breaks the reading

flow and the train of thought. When I see an ad in the middle of an article on MSN, I punch my screen.

1: Your website requires me to copy a bunch of funny looking letters to do what I want.

I understand this is to prevent spam and crap - so that's great. Godaddy, keep yours. But for the rest of the world? Require it once at sign-up if neccessary - but for heaven's sake stop making me do it every time I want to search your forum! I HATE THIS. Some pages have the letters so screwed up that I honestly fail the "human test" 3 or 4 times before getting it right.

You know how everyone's upset that their rights are being stripped away to protect society from terrorism? Well apply that to the internet and robots. I want my rights back.

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SpIkE @ 02/05/07
"i hate the ones with cute just cant resist!!"

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