Complete Independance, or something
Posted by FredFredrickson on 04/08/03.

Well, we are officially completely on Fredrickville's servers now, not at all on Revamp's servers... not that any of you even knew that we were on Revamp's servers... but now you do know that we were and are no longer on Revamp's scripts. Doesn't it feel good to be so informed?

Speaking of fish, here's a nice picture of some of the best and brightest at WRHS. This picture was taken at the quizbowl a few weeks ago where we totally kicked ass. Well ok fine, my team (WRHS B) kinda sucked and I think we won a total of 2 games (and the second win is because they were all third graders), but the WRHS A team kicked major llama and went on to some finals thing again this past weekend, where they were sadly crushed into little pieces of crushed wrhs children. Sorry guys, maybe next year.

Anywhat, I've gotta get going, don't forget the t-shirt design contest is still going on, check out the details! Keyword: contest

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kikai7 @ 04/09/03
"aww that sucks, better luck next time "crushed into little pieces of crushed wrhs children" I have faith in your abilities... or something"

freaky-b @ 04/10/03
"where is that? that floor looks familiar"

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