Terrible Decisions Are Best Made When You're Only Contributing Ideas That Sound Good At The Time
The Outhouse
Posted by Applegoogle on 09/14/11 12:02am.

Emit Radiation

Kill all life on Earth

A radioactive penguin was walking by when suddenly everything began dying. Immediately, Fox News announced the apocalypse was coming and then suddenly everybody in the world went into "We're all gonna die!!" mode and started robbing everything and engaging in acts they'd otherwise never or rarely do. This displeased the penguin, for he was just trying to acquire some fish.

Then, CNN reported that all the polar bears had died and that killer whales were starting to attack the crocodiles off the coast of Florida while attacking Japanese tuna fisherman for hunting all the tuna and catching all the dolphins. This further displeased the penguin because this was not true (CNN failed to verify the source).

An hour later, the Russians started conducting flybys to monitor his movements and find his weak spots. At this point, the penguin experienced unbridled rage for the first time, hulked out, caught the planes, and threw them to China and started a world war. The penguin was the only thing left alive.

2 hours later, a UFO came by and took him to Mars. Apparently everything was cool on Mars, particularly since everybody was radioactive so technically the penguin was normal. They even were able to create a genetic clone of him in a female form. This greatly pleased the radioactive penguin, at least until everyone died before activating it. Yet another depressing situation, that is until a peregrine falcon swooped in from another dimension and took him to another dimension where none of this ever occurred and was even able to make him not radioactive. This pleased him again until he learned he was to be kept in a zoo.

He raged again, this time destroying all the life on the planet. At this point, he began questioning the existence of God, when a unicorn made out of seaweed manifested. It informed the penguin that he'd been tripping on acid for the last 10 hours and he was about to come out of it, so there was no need to despair or fear.

2 hours later, the penguin woke up from his coma not drenched in radiation and surrounded by fellow penguins. But then a puppy showed up... they're now best friends.

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FredFredrickson @ 09/15/11
"Ok so, Terrible decisions are best made, or are "usually" made when only contributing ideas that sound good at the time?"

Applegoogle @ 09/15/11
"It's as the title says, they're best made when only contributing ideas that sound good at the time. The frequency of terrible ideas has no bearing on this, since this is only considering when it is a good time to make a terrible decision."

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