Genghis Khan Might Have Set Your Village On Fire, But He Never Asked For A Cup Of Sugar Because He Was Self Reliant
The Outhouse
Posted by Applegoogle on 08/22/11 10:42am.

Elfork, the Elder Unicorn was busy being an elder when a huge fire broke out. This, of course, was bad because they lived in a desert in Antarctica. They get no rain and rarely have fire, plus they live on a sheet of ice. But, on this day, the unicorns were saved by a mysterious Italian plumber with blue overalls and a green shirt. He was also super intoxicated and had a backpack full of unopened bottles of absinthe. "Ieee... it's a meee, a Lu-" with a cough, followed by a hiccup, and then he passed out.

When the unicorns got him back to consciousness, the fire was still raging and they asked the stranger for his name. "I am Luca, the plumber! I hear you have money and a plumbing problem!" The unicorns were quite displeased with his drunkenness, blunt demeanor, and greed. They also had no other alternative and quickly explained there was a fire raging and that he was their only hope.

2 hours later, the fire was gone, the Russian government found an "enormous, mysterious, green" pipeline in the area that they initially thought dated back to 9,900 BC and held secrets to the Tunguska event. The unicorns had to immigrate; but two years later, the unicorns took over Italy in an act of rage-induced revenge. It was awesome.

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