Coiled Rage
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Posted by Applegoogle on 06/26/11 12:43pm.

Plerazzledoo, the Gentle Unicorn was grazing in a meadow when a leprechaun appeared and told him that there was a pot of gold and three wishes for Plerazzledoo if he saved his village from Maldor, the Refrigerator - the little known brother of Trogdor, the Burninator.

Plerazzledoo, skeptical of his claim, pulled out his laptop, browsed for a Y U NO meme that happened to be the question: Y U NO KILL DRAGON WITH MAGIC?! and showed it to him. The leprechaun explained that all they can do is grant wishes, place gold at the end of select rainbows and manipulate time and space and nothing more. He went on to explain that the village's desire was to rid the world of Maldor, rather than just pass it off to somebody else. Not even on their worst enemies, gorillas.

Plerazzledoo pulled up another meme that read "Challenge Accepted" and off they went to the battle site. When they arrived, it was utter horror. There was ice cream EVERYWHERE. It's common knowledge that leprechauns are lactose intolerant, so there were a lot of dead leprechauns and many more suffering the effects of it. Upon seeing the devastation, Plerazzledoo's rage went off the charts. He burst into flame and unleashed his mightiest attack and melted Maldor. Unfortunately, this kinda melted the gold and only one leprechaun was left and was kinda scorched. They were displeased. He got one wish though.

As Plerazzledoo was being massaged by one of Santa's elves, he was told that he'd get no presents this year because of the incident. Plerazzledoo immediately regretted helping the leprechauns.

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