FPR: Falcon Punch Resuscitation
The Outhouse
Posted by Applegoogle on 05/08/11 06:32pm.

There once was a sentient balloon with no name. It was totally content with this since the balloon was able to bask in pure awareness where it had no means nor need to interact with anything on the planet. The balloon was filled with helium and given to a child. The balloon noticed that the child was gratified by this immediately, even after the child had just been crying seconds before. This puzzled the balloon, but was more concerned about its proximity to the nails in the ceiling.

They made it outside, where the balloon noticed itself expanding and feeling warmer. The child suddenly lost grip on the balloon and off the balloon drifted into the air. The child was inconsolable, but after a few minutes the child was muted by distance. At this point, the air currents swiftly tossed it to the next town. There, the balloon watched a PETA protest in progress. Just seemed like lots of shouting and weird signs. One was humorously ironic, claiming that fruits and vegetables were living at one point as well. Outside of the several dozen people there, nobody was paying attention it seemed. The air currents picked up again and off the balloon went.

The next opportunity to sight see was an unpopulated area where there were deer prancing around. It was serene and less dirty here than in the town, where it got covered by some soot. Unfortunately for the balloon, it was carried to a new area rather briskly.

At this point, the balloon began losing steam and was descending toward a park. The balloon was ironically depressed that it had to come back to a town, a place almost devoid of the serenity it felt before. A man on one knee caught its attention though, the man was holding a box and the woman was crying and hugged the man very hard. This confused the balloon, but it knew it was an occasion of happiness not unlike the one with child at the beginning of the balloon's journey. The balloon settled onto a tree and the last of it's air left it. A bird incorporated it into its nest that day.

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