If You Butter Both Sides, You Won't Taste The Sizzle Of Defeat
The Outhouse
Posted by Applegoogle on 12/03/10 01:07pm.

There once was a unicorn that had horns growing from it's horn. It scared the children, which is the worst thing a unicorn can do, and subsequently he was banned from Unicornia. So, while flying and flying and pooping and flying some more, he came across a little boy who wished he could meet a unicorn. The boy's wish was totally granted by the unicorn and he swooped down to meet the boy. Upon seeing the unicorn, the boy leapt to his feet and his face lit up.

"Hi, Mr. Unicorn! My name is Walter!" he exclaimed. "Well, hello there Walter, I have no name but you can call me George." was the magnificent reply from this magnificent unicorn. Only one thing bugged Walter, George had horns coming from his horns. It's not very unicorn like, so he asked him about them. George immediately got enraged and kicked him and flew away.

As George was leaving another, much older unicorn stopped him and told him he needed to go to anger management. This depressed George because he knew this was the truth. You see, George has been an alcoholic since he was 3 and he never learned to control his anger. He was briefly a terrorist, before he ran out of explosives, and then his horn began growing horns.

George accepted the offer and they were going to go, but as George was flying, he died in mid-flight. Turns out those horns on his horn were the sign of cancer and he was the first to contract it. Probably because of all the explosives he was sleeping around for that year, some were radioactive. His grave is in Unicornia and Walter hates unicorns now, as it all should be.

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FredFredrickson @ 12/03/10
"This is what we were missing. Unicorn stories."

Applegoogle @ 12/04/10
"I've found that unicorns are key to the high school age demographic."

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