Pen Rockets: The Destruction Of The American Family
The Outhouse
Posted by Applegoogle on 04/07/11 11:09am.

Algo, the Carrot was chillin' in the cold dark prison when The Monster showed up again and selected Keepa, the Bottle of Orange Juice and Meeko, the Jug of Milk yet again for his sacrifice. It was thus the start of another depressing and anxiety ridden period for Algo and the rest of the prisoners in what is known as "The Fridge". They heard the muffled screams of a box of cereal, apparently nobody is safe in Hell.

Algo had had enough of this life of terror, so he set out to organize a revolt. First thing was first though, he had to take care of Baking Soda, the security guard for "The Fridge". His job is to keep everything fresh and in line. Algo knew they couldn't defeat him, so he offered him freedom from the cold. That was more than enough reason for Baking Soda to join them. 5 minutes later though, trouble began to brew for the residents of "The Fridge". The 12 Pack, a gang of eggs all in solitary confinement, began getting sick and dying. The smell was awful. The Monster had come back and removed The 12 Pack, enraged that they couldn't be sacrificed. In his rage, he murdered Meeko, who's cap couldn't stop the bleeding any more. Their sacrifice, ironically, was the path to freedom for Algo and the others and while The Monster was cleaning "The Fridge", they made a break for it. Some ended up in the trash can, mortified to find the grave of Meeko and all the others. Some ended up on the floor, to find their painful death to another monster named The Dog or under the foot of The Monster.

Algo was the sole survivor, or so he thought. He made it out the window and made his way to the ground. He was almost a week old though, and he was seeing this bright light. His life was coming to an end and he was starting to feel the effects of the illness he caught in "The Fridge". Algo was content to look back upon his life in Hell and know that his final moments in Paradise were well deserved and peaceful. Suddenly, Godzilla shot him with his radiation breath and Algo was destroyed.

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