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The Outhouse
Posted by FredFredrickson on 12/03/10 12:26pm.

Our dearest Applegoogle has finally decided to join in our ever-expanding goal to reach the lowest low of all times. Please give a warm round of insults and flames to our newest column - The Outhouse.

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FredFredrickson @ 12/03/10
"Welcome, capitan"

Applegoogle @ 12/03/10
"I've always wanted to be the third wheel!"

Spoonman @ 12/03/10
"How many actual admins does this make, now, and don't count the Brizermobiles."

FredFredrickson @ 12/03/10
"not many, most have been unadminned"

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The Outhouse
I will regale your audience of about 12 with stories that I make up on the spot about random things. I need an outlet for my imagination.

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