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Things and Stuff!
Posted by FredFredrickson on 10/04/07 12:39pm.

Launching today - a new column about Things and Stuff! which is aptly titled "Things and Stuff!"

Our plan with this new column is to keep you up to date with neato stuff and interesting tidbits without going into too terribly much detail - so that there's always something cool to read.

In order not to dilute the rest of the site with this crap, Our standard main page articles will remain on their own column, despite the fact that these will all show up on the home page.

Let us know how you like/dislike the new concept. We're open to new ideas. test

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BobMarley @ 10/04/07

ThatSam @ 10/04/07
"Better then a bowl of cancer!"

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Things and Stuff!

Just some random stuff about things and stuff!

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