Action! Combat-Sponge
Posted by ThatSam on 07/13/08 09:08pm.

As you are reading this ask your self why you are at this web site at this time. likly hood is that you are here to check if the gripe corner is back. I mean its been down for long enough and we keep hearing that it will be back soon, but nothing yet. so you just keep checking for it every so often. and in the mean time read the posts writen by official FV personnel. At least you can bank on the fact that there will be new posts and front page articles to keep you entertained.

but have we let this go to far? have we really alowed the administrators of this website to exchange the free speach of the gripe corner for their own controlled stream of articles, written by them? are we really going to be complaicent while controll is taken out of our hands and given to the establisment? shame shame on you for taking in there propaganda.

pehaps the administration felt that the gripe corner had gotten a little to out of hand. maybe the people in power where tired of hearing the truth. Some people couldnt hande being told that "they just always had to be right". so they shut us down. now all that appears on this site is administration aproved content that will never tell the people in charge that they are wrong.

well I say stick it to them. you still have a voice, you still have the comments. dont sit idly by while you loose controll. tell them to bring back democracy. bring back free speach. bring back all the whining and bitching.

Bring back the gripe corner!

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Applegoogle @ 07/14/08
"Can I bring back my battle axe?"

TheGreatGaspe @ 07/15/08
"i could bring the tortches and pitchforks. could we make an angry mob infront of your brothers house?"

Mulder @ 07/15/08
"Is your shift key broken you filthy red commie? "

TheGreatGaspe @ 08/05/08
"shhhhh.... im under cover!"

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Action! Combat-Sponge

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