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Posted by Lambic on 01/05/06.

I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up with my columnist duties.

There is a thin lining that develops on the surface of Tomato Soup as it chill. There are many theorys of why this happen, but frankly, no one really knows the truth. It is one of those things that humans will never know. Things like tomato soup skin, or blue skies, or even how the "interweb" works, will always be a mystery to humans.

Its calming in a sense. The unknown, the great beyond, the endless voids of outterspace. Things of a nature unknown, or unfathomable concepts are a type of scary beautiful, like a rose covered in the larva of flies.

It is almost impossible to beat Spider Solitaire on difficult mode. The only way to defeat it is by pure luck. The only solution is utter chaos. The only way to organize it is with laws of cards. The only way to win is by finding that thin linning in between chaos and order. Like tomato soup.

If it is the skin of soup, is it still soup?

Find that thin lining in life, be prepared for anything, but also keep yourself in check. Find the tomato soup of souls....

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Snephrew @ 01/05/06
"I never get that thin lining. "

Lambic @ 01/05/06
"thats because god doesnt like you"

LittleMega @ 01/05/06
"yeah.. i cant eat tomato soup anymore... curse you... thin lining. we may meet again... someday"

Fista @ 01/05/06
"I get milk skin on my milk when I heat it up to make powder coffee"

ThatSam @ 01/06/06
"thats gross"

selle @ 01/12/06
"i think youre supposed to make instant coffee with water"

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