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Posted by Spoonman on 02/06/07 02:23pm.

The following is a list of comic/fictional characters for whom I would approve of arbitrary and cruel beatings with a baseball bat.

1) Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)
2) Jeremy (Zits)*
3) the entire cast of "The Family Circus"

I really don't like Calvin and Hobbes. Without elaborating too much, a quote from Bill Griffith (cartoonist and writer of the truly excellent comic "Zippy the Pinhead") seems to put it well:

"I hate Calvin and Hobbes. I think its a big re-hash of formula kid strips. Everyone says how Calvin and Hobbes is about a real kid, to me there's nothing real about it; it's an adult using a kid's body as a mouthpiece. It doesn't make any sense to me. It has no charm. It's the most popular strip in America and right away I hate it." -Bill Griffith

*The parents from Zits aren't my favorites either.

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