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Posted by Spoonman on 06/06/06.

Fredrickville Aptitude Test:

Questions are worth 100 points each. Max score: 1600. Time allowed: 25 minutes. Go.


Section 1: History
1) Who were the three original FV admins?
2) What was the original site address?
3) Why is the content section called "Kraut"?
4) What was the name of the column that all admins could post on?
5) Name up to three public enemies. (30 pts for 1, 70 pts for 2, 100 for all 3)
6) Who said: "I'm the one who does all the work around here. They'll all be sorry when I'm gone. Where will your Fredrickville be then?"
7) At the outbreak of the Iraq war, the content section of the website appeared under what title?
8} For many years Fredrickville linked to a biography of what American inventor?
9) What vegetable concentrate became the unlikely alias of a short lived superhero?

Section 2: Math
1) Approximately how many spoons were collected during Operation: Spoon Heist? (Within 50)
2) Grid in: "Webjournal: The daily life of #___."
3) How many pages long was the post by Vegas Spades which earned him silver star honors and displaced Freakburrito as the top ranked member of the PGC?
4) Put these ranks in order from lowest to highest:
Cadet, Sweaty Balls, Placator, Seraphim
5) Complete the quote: "Did you know that every number has two ___" - Guyotte
6) Fudge Rounds come in boxes of 8 and cost $1.08 per box. The cafeteria buys boxes and resells fudge rounds at a price of 2 for 25cents. How much money did the school gain (or lose) during Robbie's and Logan's consecutive bids for the Fudge Round eating title?
7) What is the approximate weight in kilograms of a 4 pound industrial sized can of peas?

1 Robbie Fisher, Erik Ellingsen, Logan Phillips
2 www.fredrickville.rocks.it
3 "Kraut" comes from the thick, pungent sauerkraut we made in Biology. The name was adopted to refer to the meat of the website.
4 "Seriousness"
5 Bill Nye, Millard Filmore, Ashley "why can't you be more like your sister?" Olsen
6 The Manic-Depressive Webserver
7 "Liberty Cabbage n' Junk"
8 Henry Ford
9 Cambell's Condensed Cream of Celery.

1 The common concensus estimates around 200 spoons
2 The daily life of #83
3 31 pages (in one night)
4 Cadet, Placator, Seraphim, Sweaty Balls
5 Two square roots!
6 As I remember it, Robbie ate 17 fudge rounds and Logan ate 15, for a total of 32. (four boxes worth.) The school, buying at 8rounds/$1.08 and selling at 2/$0.25 was losing $0.08/box. The total loss incurred was therefore thirty-two cents.
7 4 pounds divided by 2.2 pounds per kilogram = 1.814 kilograms

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FredFredrickson @ 06/06/06
"MY dear friend, your answers to #1 are wrong."

Spoonman @ 06/06/06
"How do you figure? You initially created three columns and I only signed on a week after the site went up. About a week after that, Erik, who wrote about Blink182 a lot, stopped posting."

Spoonman @ 06/06/06
"Did Logan not come in until later?"

Pinkstar @ 06/06/06
"please you just wanted to look cool by posting on 6/6/6 It worked."

Spoonman @ 06/07/06
"Correctamundo! "What" ain't no country I've ever heard of!"

FredFredrickson @ 06/08/06
"before erik, there were a few completely useless admins, -who by the way have tshirts.."

FredFredrickson @ 06/08/06
"guess who"

Spoonman @ 06/08/06
"Given the circumstances, I'd have to go with the Grenier/Hauck crowd, and maybe unofficially, St. Georges"

meanderer @ 06/08/06
"St. Georges is the man and i would have his babies "

FredFredrickson @ 06/16/06
"hauck was one. I had been in contact with logan, but I'm not sure who started actually talkinga bout nothing about FV first, luke nyman or logan.. so that's a toss up. Erik didn't join till after you. He then quit and joined like twice more."

Spoonman @ 09/02/09
"225 spoons. http://web.archive.org/web/20020613212554/www.fruitycity.com/html/news00011.html"

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