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06/05/12 04:43 - FV Midterm Q1 [8 points]
Two blocks of mass m1 and m2 slide along a horizontal surface. An external force F applied to m1 from the left provides enough acceleration to keep m2 from sliding down the face of m1. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 and the horizontal surface is k. The coefficient of static friction between m1 and m2 is s, and s > k. What is the smallest value of F required to keep [more]

10/15/11 01:24 - Three Epigrams by Schopenhauer
Read closely and see that (3) can be concluded from (1) and (2) according to a consequentialist/utilitarian moral calculus. (1) Good vs. Evil I know of no greater absurdity than that propounded by most systems of philosophy in declaring evil to be negative in its character. Evil is just what is positive; it makes its own existence felt. Leibnitz is particularly concerned to defend this absurdity [more]

08/19/11 06:08 - Trollmegle
In the spirit of the old FV AIM Convos! Maybe I can even add a commentary later! I was typing as fast as possible so all spelling and grammatical boggles are purely "part of the act." In the spirit of the old FV AIM Convos! Maybe I can even add a commentary later! I was typing as fast as possible so all spelling and grammatical boggles are purely "part of the act." You're now chatting with a [more]

08/08/11 04:00 - We have become exceedingly good at it.
Let me just say that you won't believe what kind of stuff you can find poking around in open directories. Periodically the red phone on my desk that keeps me permanently connected to the Fredrickville Embassy to the World rings and a mysterious voice on the other end alerts me that people are surfing onto this site again and I need to get back in the swing of posting. Given that at any given [more]

01/07/11 11:53 - CHOCODOOBEY

12/15/10 02:33 - Loathing and Shame, and Redemption [part 1]
Author's Note: This will not be a story, or, if you* insist on believing that it is one, it will, at the very least, not have a completely linear plot. I have written down a few ideas that I want to address for some time, and may do so at will, without apology, over the course of this narrative. *Also, it's the other Jeff. It's not you. Nice try, though. ---- Decay. Chant, Pallas Iguana, of [more]

10/24/08 08:02 - Carpe Diem
Fredrickville is at a crossroads. First the bad news: Informal research suggests that readership and number of page hits are at an all time low. Even without specific data to back up this point, the 4 month long Gripe Corner shutdown has taken its toll on the site. An interesting catch-22 is at play here: The Gripe Corner is the most visible aspect of Fredrickville. When users post on [more]

08/07/08 05:32 - Back to the Future
Well, here we go again - About a year ago, when I was living quite the life indeed, I went on a tear about how some time in 7th grade some woman told the class to write letters to ourselves which would then be posted back to us some years hence. Naturally, the practicality of this last part weighed on my mind back then, and continued to do so through the years - what if the price of stamps went [more]

09/22/07 01:42 - Operation: Marmalade
The following story is true. It was declassified in June of 2005 and withheld from the public for an additional two years. It will now be part of public knowledge. The names have been changed to protect those involved. August 2-5, 2002. Loon Mountain Resort. "Soul-Fest", an enormous, two stage Christian music festival, which brings well in excess of 10,000 patrons. "Godtoberfest", Spoonman called [more]

09/22/07 12:53 - Send Off
I'll try to recapitulate a few things I meant to post but never did. Because it's more fun to read numbered points, I'll do that. Spoon, like others, is nice, and formats his text in a way that is pleasing to read. Unfortunately, it won't last long. Ok: 1) I am constantly paranoid. 2) I constantly think of topics that I want to post, and then realize that I could never successfully post. [more]

08/08/07 03:45 - Second Play in One Act
Preface: I'm actually pretty happy with myself these days. Sure, the diet is getting to me, and sure I shouldn't be up this late, but once in a while can't hurt, I figure. I do intend never to drink Arizona Iced Tea ever ever again. The following play is presented for your amusement. Any resemblance of the characters or themes to anything or anyone in real life is strictly coincidental*, etc [more]

07/11/07 02:12 - BREAKING NEWS: Cleese Arrested
Thought this would be interesting. ======================================================================= 7/11/2007: Retrieved from AP Wire John Cleese, the British comedian famous for his roles in Monte Python's Flying Circus and more recently as 'Q' in the James Bond films has been arrested at his California home on charges of selling crack cocaine. Police entered Cleese's home with a [more]

06/25/07 01:09 - Please Remit
Ok, here's what I'm saying. I was in rare form last night, which doesn't happen often, so either it's the diet, the freedom, or just a lapse in propriety. Hard to tell. What the hell is he talking about? What the hell am I ever talking about. Honestly. So, to grant you some respite from the de rigeur style of content on here that consists of 3 words and a video, I'm going to narrate a little [more]

05/09/07 12:37 - Class Post / Philosophical Discussion
K/lacc post. I struggled with how to make a Cyrillic "L". I think that, given the prevalence of wireless on this campus, I should try this at least once. Maybe as a follow up to my posts from LHS and Nick's Closet. "Which" is used attributively, "that" is used referentially. The former is for matters which have already been referred to, the second is to refer. "A number of students has applied [more]

03/05/07 03:07 - Barack
May update more soon. [more]

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