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04/23/12 12:20 - > This Website Sucks
Did anybody else notice how much this site went downhill? False: This site cannot go downhill, it's already at the bottom. [more]

07/10/09 11:03 - > Breaking the Record
My friends, family, and even enemies, this week was a week for glory. A week filled with danger, and promise. This was a week for justice, for revenge, and for deliciousness. This past week, yours truly, and the mighty Spoon, set out to do the unthinkable. The unspeakable. We trained. We focused. We sweat blood. We were going to break the fudge round eating record. The rules: 1. You have [more]

10/27/07 06:40 - Poop on a stick > How to kill yourself
If I were to kill myself...I would want to skydive out of an airplane, land in a monster truck as it's going over a huge jump and then as it crashes, be ejected into a pool of lava. But this is pretty bad ass too. I'll gived five bucks to anyone who offs themselves this way. You know...before hand, for the supplies. [more]

06/16/07 09:19 - Poop on a stick > Cock-a-doodl-BUVVVZZ
I burst out laughing everytime I see this video. It makes me all warm and tentacle-y inside [more]

05/01/07 01:01 - Poop on a stick > Interweb Findings
My column lacks substance. But so does diarrhea. So in a roundaboutwaythatdoesntmakesensebutyouwontquestion, my column lacks diarrhea. That's a good thing. So let's both agree my column is good. Here's some slop I found on the internet. Enjoy it cuz it's all I'm giving you. Plus, Robbie is slacking on the posting, so I'm all you have right now. REJOICE! REJOICE! [more]

10/23/06 12:00 - Poop on a stick > Tazr
Since Motorola has released the RAZR, PEBL, and the KRZR I just felt that they might have stopped short. I mean, having LEET hackers come up with the names for your products was pretty cool, but I have another ground breaking idea for Motorola.Introducing...Developed for women and girlie-men who live in the city by themselves, the tazr is the solution for protecting yourself in dangerous situations. [more]

06/08/06 12:00 - > I'm awesome
I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know just how awesome I am. I'll measure it in gold: 500 Zillion Majillion Dollars awesome. Just today I was talking to a friend and he said to me, "Robbie, you freakin rock. I think that in this world we've got 3 classes of people: People who suck (Bin Laden), People who Rock (Martin Sheen), and WICKED AWESOME PEOPLE WHO DESERVE MUCH MONEY!" He [more]



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